I provide a safe and confidential space and a time dedicated entirely to you.

With an Individual client, we usually meet once a week for a 50 minute session. For Couples session the duration is 50 or 80 minutes. For Groups sessions the duration is 110 minutes. 

After an initial exploration of the issues or challenges you face, we will agree our Therapeutic Contract. This is to give us an initial focus which we will review it from time to time and refine/amend it as the focus of our work changes.

We work together with the aim of enabling you to manage your issues and challenges more satisfactorily. Sometimes we might decide to go further and look at the developmental aspect of your issues or challenges from a variety of perspectives.

I am not an adviser - you decide what to explore and your goals, you own the awareness that emerges from our work together, you own your decisions. 

My responsibility to you is to be with you as the psychotherapeutic process unfolds.

Your responsibility to me as client(s) (and to yourself/selves!) is to commit to attend all our scheduled sessions.

I am respectful, non judgmental, impartial, compassionate, and can deeply understand your personal struggle.  

I want to relate to you and your difficulties, challenges and desire to improve, with the aim of letting your authentic self emerge so that you can establish a more autonomous and fulfilling way of being. 

At times, for example, when facing beliefs that prevent your thinking being as effective as it could be, and if I consider it therapeutically appropriate, I might decide to respectfully challenge you with an intensity you can safely tolerate.

We explore your specific intra-personal patterns that make you see/feel yourself, others and the world in the way you do. Also inter-personal patterns of relating are explored. These patterns - formed at a time when they had an adaptive and protective function - might be outdated, or even inappropriate, and limit your self-development, your ability to relate, and ultimately affect the quality of your life (and usually also the lives of those close to you).

Inevitably, at some point in our sessions, ineffective interpersonal dynamics that underpin your discomfort will emerge between us. We will have a chance to respond in a novel reparative and healing way. Or maybe we will get caught in it and it will be up to us to acknowledge each others contribution to such co-created experience and work through it - you can think of therapy as a sandbox where you can be yourself, experience healing responses and develop new relational options in your interpersonal world and novel more genuine ways of feeling and thinking about yourself.  


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Only for clients who contact me via this website, I offer an initial complimentary 20 minute consultation.


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