Counselling and Psychotherapy (Individual)


During our initial assessment session we discuss what your difficulties are and what are your goals.

Typically we agree an initial period of consultation - 4-6 sessions - during which we can: 

  • explore your difficulties and associated present and past circumstances

  • start developing our working alliance

  • start stimulating the emergence of important unconscious aspects of yourself into awareness.

Deepening of the work typically happens when our working alliance is solid enough to survive the tensions we might experience after we are ready to move to next stage of therapy - moving to this stage could take a very variable period of time.
With my guidance and support, during this second stage new important aspects of yourself and about how you relate with others emerge from your unconscious. For some people this can be a challenging experience which we will share and work through together. 
As you shift the way you feel and think about yourself and others, and the way you behave with others and towards yourself, you may notice apparently small changes which can in fact have an important transformational impact on your life - they all together contribute to a more authentic, and ultimately fulfilling, way of being.  Depending on how deeply rooted your issues are, also this stage could take a variable length of time.

The therapeutic process continues up to the point at which you are ready to terminate. It is important from a clinical perspective to spend a few sessions to process the ending of our therapeutic relationship. 
If your difficulties are caused by a traumatic experience - no matter if it developed within neglectful or abusive relationship(s) or by something that happened to you -  I provide a psychotherapeutic framework within which we can safely explore the source(s) of your trauma  - even if unknown or unconscious - and we work through it together and at a pace you can tolerate.

I offer individual counselling or psychotherapy face-to-face sessions (preferred) or via video-conference. Sessions are usually held once or twice a week.

Only for clients who contact me via this website, I offer an initial complimentary 20 minute consultation.

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